Tax Law

Dear ANS Customer

for all boat owners who are your motor or sailing yacht in Croatia, or intend to buy a used yacht or in a timely manner, will benefit from a law that on the 30th, the Croatian Parliament Decided November. This means in plain language that all yachts, the 31 to May be retroactively taxed at 5% in 2013, from the accession of Croatia on 01 July are considered EU taxable. That’s from all previously known variants certainly advantageous and should be taken as soon as possible in the implementation undertaken. According to our information, the administrative procedure will take about two months to complete and when you consider that about 10000 yachts are affected in Croatia, it can take even longer. We strive for the moment, to assist you in implementing the recapture and come back shortly with proposals.

This letter attached you will find a letter from the Austrian Foreign Trade Center in Zagreb.

This letter indicates that this status applies only to vessels that are registered in Croatia. So not for New Boats, will be introduced only. This would have to be taxed at 25% for imports from Croatia. The EU guidelines state that vessels over 7.5 meters in the country must be taxed.

We must point out that all this information is communicated from our side without prejudice!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for your e-mail today. The Croatian Government has adopted on 30/11/2012 amending the Law on VAT. This has not yet been published in the Official Journal of Croatian. The amendment should enter into force by 01.01.2013. The bill can be found on the Web page of the Croatian Parliament. Click on: Prijedlog zakona izmjeni o i o dopuni Zakona porezu na dodanu vrijednost, s Konacnim prijedlogom Zakona (in red). This will open the bill. Consequently, boats from 01.01.2013 be introduced at a VAT rate of 5% for Croatia and subsequently registered by 31.05.2013. This seems to refer only to boats that already have the status of a temporary import in Croatia. We wrote to the Croatian customs office and to explain the concept (“import pass” in storage, how long the boat must be in place temporarily, boats can be temporarily imported to 31.12.2012, these provisions apply only to EU boats, etc .) asked. Once we receive a response from the customs office or the law is published, we will inform you. Until then we remain Sincerely yours
Katharina Haslauer
The Austrian economy Deputy delegates in Zagreb

Once we have new information is received, we will inform you. We will take care of us so kümmernen entire process of taxation and customs clearance for your boat.

Sincerly yours

Adria Nautic Service Center
ANS Qualitätsmanagement
Gerhard Sturm

Yacht Care - Installation

Our complete engingine-service consists of:

  • repair, care, installation and yacht change
  • installation of bow propellors including the polyester works
  • installation of windlass and electric
  • and underwater painting
Yacht Repair

As the official service point of ADAC we repair every kind of sea damage on your motor yacht. All repairs will be done by our experienced and well trained mechanics / mechatronics.

Yacht Change

Zahvaljujuci nasem dugogodisnjem iskustvu s motorima smo u stanju Vam pomoci u raznim preuredjenima oko Vaseg motora.

Thanks to our experiences with motor-yachts we are able to help you with any kind of changes on your yacht. You have high expectations on comfort, speed and quality on your yacht – this needs of course intelligent, technical solutions which we will realize for you. To control your yacht as well in difficult situations, you wish hidden high-tech as GPS, hydraulic and more useful tools. – We will realize all this for you. … ask Adria-Nautic-Services for a competent support.

Yacht Care

Many things are involved in taking care of your yacht. Things as for example the proffessional handling of engine, electric and electronic – but mainly the cleaning of your yacht. Why do we put lots of value in cleaning, polishing and conservation of the yacht? Very simple – to keep the value of your yacht. Therefore we offer you a nano-treatment .

Owner Support

We offer you the following services on land:

  • we help with custom formalities
  • formalities with the maritime agencies
  • formalities in the harbour and with the harbour master
  • we get you support with the port authority
  • Monitoring and support of your yacht
Summer and Winter Preparation

Our services on summer and winter preparation:

  • winter / spring-check
  • emptying and filling of tanks (water and faekalien)
  • cleaning of the watersystems
  • freeze protection

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